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New generation of try-on, fitting, sizing, styling and personalization services in Augmented Reality


  • Increase conversions
  • Reduce return rates
  • Visualise products in real life


  • Improve brand image, awareness and recognition
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Disrupt shopping experience
State of the art computer vision and rendering

Tracking and annotating human hands & body

Rendering complex objects in various environments

Transferring natural colors, texture and lighting

AR-experience more realistic
  • Running neural networks in real time on mobile devices
  • Advancing algorithm performance to human perception
  • Leveraging hand-crafted unique data sets


First AR-commerce beauty
app for hands

Virtually try-on nail polish.

Real-time segmentation and recoloring. Color naturalness.

Best nail polish color collections from Amazon.

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AR will radically change interactions between the product and the user and will bring a deeper sense of connection with the brand.

This is just the beginning of a large AR-Commerce industry!

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Try On and shop footwear in AR!

Expand your digital strategy with our next generation footwear
Try On: increase conversions and purchases, reduce product returns and drive vitality plus PR growth, achieving up to 10x more engagement from Gen Z.

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Join the team and work for the future of AR

Research Engineer (Deep Learning and Computer Vision)


Every day we're reading papers, coding new ideas and running experiments. However, there are always more approaches we need to try. That's why we're looking for a new teammate that will share our passion for Computer Vision and Augmented Reality.

What we expect:

  • Hands-on experience in Computer Vision or Deep Learning;
  • Solid understanding of the math behind it;
  • Proper knowledge of algorithms and data structures;
  • Experience with scientific Python stack (we use numpy, scipy, OpenCV, Keras, Pytorch).

Labeling Specialist


Our team needs people who are ready to contribute to the sphere of technological innovation on a daily basis. Before the markup command, your task will be to manually process a large number of visual materials, which WANNABY will use to train neural networks.

What kind of experience should you have?

  • Experience in processing photos in Photoshop or other graphic editors;
  • Knowledge of how to work with graphic files (jpg, png, psd and order);
  • Familiar with Dropbox and Google Drive.